Modifying DNA to
Eradicate Cancer

At Modifi Bio, we are changing the oncology treatment paradigm.

Bypassing the conventional approach of indirectly targeting proteins in cancer cells, Modifi Bio is redefining the rules of oncology treatment: eradicating cancer via direct DNA modification. Our novel platform demonstrates powerful anti-tumor activity in glioma and many other cancers with intrinsic DNA repair defects.

By developing therapeutics that uniquely target specific acquired cancer cell DNA mutations, we’ll improve the standard of cancer therapy and patient care. We are grateful for the support of the National Cancer Institute and our investors as we work to change how cancer will be treated in the future.


Ranjit Bindra, MD, PhD

Harvey and Kate Cushing Professor
Yale Brain Tumor Center Co-Director
Yale Medical School

Seth Herzon, PhD

Milton Harris ’29 Professor
Chemistry and Pharmacology
Yale University

Kingson Lin, PhD

MD/PhD Student, Soros Fellow
Yale Medical School

Kevin Rakin

HighCape Capital


Modifi Bio’s team includes world-renowned scientists, clinicians and experienced biotech entrepreneurs with deep expertise in synthetic chemistry, DNA repair, and translational research in oncology.

Joseph Park, PharmD

Vice President, Corporate Development & Clinical Affairs

Ashley Carrison

Office Manager

Bruce Ruggeri, PhD

Vice President, Pharmacology

Kyle Tarantino, PhD

Director, Chemistry

Nate Fishkin, PhD

SVP, Drug Discovery and Early Development

Scientific Advisory Board

Michael Dillon, PhD

Senior Scientific Advisor

Roger Stupp, MD

Chief, Neuro-Oncology 
Northwestern University

Manmeet Ahluwalia, MD

Deputy Director & CSO 
Miami Cancer Institute

Peter Glazer, MD, PhD

Chair, Radiation Oncology  
Yale Medical School

Patricia LoRusso, DO

Associate Director for Experimental Therapeutics 
Yale University

Kirk Tanner

Kirk Tanner, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer
National Brain Tumor Society (NBTS)

Jann Sarkaria, MD

Professor, Radiation Oncology 
Mayo Clinic

Joseph Costello, PhD

Chair, Neuro-Oncology 
Univ. California San Francisco

Vishwas Paralkar, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer 
Cybrexa Therapeutics 

Board of Directors

Kevin Rakin

HighCape Capital

Lucas De Breed, PhD, MBA

Director, Investments at BrightEdge 
American Cancer Society

Ranjit Bindra, MD, PhD

Harvey and Kate Cushing Professor
Yale Brain Tumor Center Co-Director
Yale Medical School

Kat Kayser-Bricker, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer
Halda Therapeutics


Modifi Bio is a preclinical stage biotechnology company creating a new class of molecules, designed to be delivered orally, that aim to selectively kill cancer cells via direct cancer DNA modification. The technology bypasses conventional approaches that indirectly target proteins in cancer cells and has already demonstrated robust anti-tumor activity in cancer cells while sparing normal tissue in a laboratory study. These novel molecules fragment in cells and induce DNA modifications, which are irreparable in cancer cells with DNA repair defects.

In our recent Science publication, this new class of chameleon-like molecules was validated as exquisitely active and selective against cancer cells that lack expression of a key DNA repair protein called MGMT (O6-methylguanine methyl transferase) and can overcome key resistance mechanisms in cancer.

Approximately half of all glioblastomas and up to 80% of gliomas lack MGMT, making these cancers a natural first target for our approach. Emerging research indicates that MGMT deficiency is seen in many other tumor types, suggesting broad applicability for this strategy in treating cancer.


Bold and innovative, we plan to disrupt conventional cancer treatment methods to achieve outcomes previously deemed impossible. Do you have a sense of adventure?

Join us—let’s redefine oncology drug discovery.

It has come to our attention that phishing emails are being sent out offering positions at Modifi Bio.

Please be aware that our company is not proactively sending “cold” emails out to any individuals. When we have jobs available, we will post them here or on LinkedIn.

– Modifi Bio Human Resources Department